Steampunk Gauntlet

Stoking a boiler or working a gatling gun is hot and dangerous work. One of these gloves will protect you and keep you and your machine in fine working order.


Project: Steampunk Gauntlet
Function: Steampunk prop – ie non-functional
Materials Used: Leather gloves, copper and brass leaf, paint, copper pipe, hinge,metal gears, and recycled parts.


Steampunk Civil War Artillery Helmet

An upgrade every artillery officer will appreciate.

Project: Steampunk Civil War Artillery Helmet
Function: Steampunk prop – ie non-functional
Materials Used: Weldermask, copper and brass leaf, paint, brass, found and recycled parts.

“Stinger” Prop from the Novel, “The Hunter” by Theresa Meyers

This is the “Stinger”, my first commissioned piece, a prop from the novel, “The Hunter” by Theresa Meyers.

The book will be available on November 1, 2011.

The initial design for The Stinger was done by the books’ author, Theresea Meyers. The firearm is prominently showcased on the book’s cover.


Theresa was kind enough to send me this photograph of her husband dressed up as the main character “Colt” wielding The Stinger.

Project: Steampunk Firearm Prop: The Stinger

Function: Electronic lighted prop firearm (looks cool)

Materials Used: Wood, plastic, copper, brass, steel, recycled parts, various paint, electronics.

Gatling Artillery Gun

Built for the adventurer that needs some serious anti-zepplin or anit-armor support – this six barreled monster can turn a single soldier into an army of one.

Project: Gatling Artillery Gun
Function: Steampunk prop – ie non-functional
Materials Used: Wood, copper and silver leaf, paint, aluminum, found and recycled parts, brass, PVC.

RFID Enabled Globe

In 2009 I was experimenting with RFID tags and was also getting into steampunk. The RFID Enabled Globe was my first real steampunk artifact and was a labor of love. In July of 2010 I was able to demonstrate it to many people at the Inaugural Maker Faire in Detroit Michigan.

Project: Steampunk RFID Globe
Function: Electronic Glove Interface for controlling Google Earth on tethered tablet computer.
Materials Used: Wood, copper and silver leaf, paint, aluminum, found and recycled parts, electronics,software, RFID tags.

In Print:
The Steampunk Gazette ISBN: 978-0-7641-6556-6, p.127

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