Campaign Bookshelves and Desk


This 8′ by 8′ monster is made out of pine, brass and iron!
The design was influenced mid 1800’s British campaign furniture. This style focused on the ability for the furniture to travel, be practical, durable, yet with the materials and makers touch, were always as beautiful as they were functional.

As these are currently installed in my apartment, I wanted them to follow me to my new house (still under construction). Each 2′ by 4′ section easily comes apart, as does the desk, which is actually three separate sections itself.
The desk features a large 4′ by 2′ fold down work surface which is supported by two large brass friction hinges. The computer cart sits on 4 heavy iron casters and is supported by iron industrial piping. (more photos later).



RFID Enabled Globe

In 2009 I was experimenting with RFID tags and was also getting into steampunk. The RFID Enabled Globe was my first real steampunk artifact and was a labor of love. In July of 2010 I was able to demonstrate it to many people at the Inaugural Maker Faire in Detroit Michigan.

Project: Steampunk RFID Globe
Function: Electronic Glove Interface for controlling Google Earth on tethered tablet computer.
Materials Used: Wood, copper and silver leaf, paint, aluminum, found and recycled parts, electronics,software, RFID tags.

In Print:
The Steampunk Gazette ISBN: 978-0-7641-6556-6, p.127

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