Greetings and Salutations fellow traveller of the Æther. My name is John M Knight and you have stumbled upon Knight & Son Temporal Engineering. This is my online storefront for my offering of custom, commissioned steampunk artifacts. Artifacts you say? Yes! How best to describe items as diverse as a tesla coil powered six shooter to electro-mechanical globes that drives digital maps?
Not diverse enough for that moniker? What about handcrafted furniture such as the Captain Nemo inspired computing platform – copper plated in select places for our comfort and security! Not enough you say? How about headboards with secret compartments designed for your personal sword collection, rifles and what nots?
Got your attention? Ah! Well welcome aboard! Peruse at  your leisure. Interested in having something made, the likes of which can be found no where? Contact me via one of the following or via the Contact page.

Email: JohnMKnight+TemporalEngineer@gmail.com
Twitter: @johnmknight

And Son?

Yes. My son is also a maker of things and when he has time from his studies and general plotting, he may assist me from time to time. If air pirating doesn’t work out for him, he’ll always have a job in the lab here!